An Insectoid Race that serves as the biggest gangsters in the Scorpio Galaxy

Appearance Edit

While humanoid, they are insect life forms, with hard exoskeletons. They have three digits on each arm, and toeless feet. They have vestigial arms, and several mandibles on their mouths. They have black compound eyes, that can emote, and emote with their mandibles. Due to their life styles, most are overweight with cracked and healing armor from their large mass.

The females tend to be rather small and lithe compared to most and have an abdomen like organ like their backsides.

Culture and Biology. Edit

A male dominated civilization, most males keep harems of females as signs of prestige and often sell them into slavery, which was how their race first earned its profits. Vog females are smaller than their hulking male counterparts and comparatively normally timid.

There is one Vog male, for every hundred females.

They are also profit oriented and have little to no qualms or scruples when it comes to satisfying their greed.

They have a keen sense of smell as they can and do communicate by pheromones

Vog males constantly compete with each other as is their nature and the galaxy's star empire make sure to keep a watch for them.

Due to their lifestyles, Vog males are often overweight with warped exoskeletons. They are often so fat as to need mechanical assistance to move.

History Edit

First gaining space flight by submitting to slavery, the Vog made a living selling their females off as slaves or worse. Eventually they overtook their masters stole their technology and their females, which had spread across the sector, start revolutions.

This was how Vog Space was formed, due to their black market dealings they have a considerable power base which has kept them unconquered by galaxy's star empires, which would even come to them for financial or military assistance.

Since that time, other non-Vog crime bosses have taken up using Vog females as status symbols.

Trivia Edit

  • They are based off the Hutts from Star Wars.
    • And also the history of the Twi'Lek

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