The smallest of Star Empires in the Scorpio Galaxy, it is also an unofficial one.

History/Culture/Policies Edit

It is less of an Empire and a series of worlds controlled by one race. The Vog are gangsters and while they have the largest gangs in the galaxy, their military might is a collection of ships that have been scavenged, and modified.

Vog Space arose from the wealth of the Vog, whose main export was sale of their females to slavery. Said females were used to infiltrate the instituation of their masters in the nearby system, stealing their technology to allow the Vog space flight.

Besides slavery, of their females in particular, they also engage in the smuggling of weapons and contraband. Their arms selling is also why other Star Empires allow the existence of Vog Space and don't simply invade.

There is no one ruler of Vog space, its systems are divided among families and its planets among branch families. However all inhabited Vog worlds have been eco-restructured to became uninhabitable to most other life forms. Outside of buildings, most other species require a rebreather of some kind to survive.

Military Edit

Planets Edit

  • Vog Kethis Prime: Home of the Kethis crime family
  • Vog Malsus Prime:Home of the Malsus crime family
  • Vog Beris Prime: Home of the Beris crime family
  • Vog Nanus Prime: Home of the Nanus crime family
  • Vog Bowl Prime: Home of the Bowl crime family

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