The Von are a race of energy beings who rule over the Shamalans, who worship them as gods.

Appearance and Biology Edit

The Von appear as humanoid like figures of white with vaguely wing like appendages on their backs. They are plasma based life forms, composed of plasma cells, which are similar to Embers. In their true forms, they can generate large amounts of current, change their appearance from anything human like to pillars of water, smoke, fire, etc. They can also heal organics and control machines and can move very fast. However, they cannot exist in an atmosphere environment for long periods of time before weakening and eventually dying. For this reason they dwell within power suits, mobile matrixes with arms and a head, and covered by cloaks.

As plasma beings, they are vulnerable to powerful magnetic fields

History and Culture Edit

The Von have been enemies with The Shadows since either could remember. The Von rule the Shamalans, being worshiped as gods while their suits are cared for by them. They have a near obsession with order, and possibly a god complex, though they themselves would never admit to such a thing.

They possess advance knowledge and technology due to their nature.

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