Kira's former Jedi master, with whom she is displeased

Appearance Edit

An older human male, caucasian, with a bald spot in his grey hair, green eyes and in typical Jedi robes.

Personality Edit

Vook is rather difficult to deal with, as he can and often finds fault anything his peers or students do. he demands perfection and strict adherence to the Jedi Code. While he rubs people the wrong way, he believes he does it for their own good. He is proud, too proud which blinds him to his own faults.

Vook is quick to label anything that doesn't adhere to Jedi dogma as 'the Sith', or 'the dark side'

History Edit

A member of the High Council, he originally did not approve of Kira joining the order due to her advance age and made it his mission to keep her on the path of the Jedi, always on the look out for any wrong doing or misstep she may take. She came to despise him as her teacher and so left the order despite his protests. Now with the resurgence of the Sith, he hopes to bring her back to the order.

Skill and Abilities Edit

Vook was a trained and experienced Jedi Knight and gained the rank of master through the successful training of several Padawans to Knighthood. His lightsaber was blue.

  • Form 1: Basic lightsaber combat
  • Form 3: Defense oriented combat
  • Force Stealth: Using the force he can make himself unnoticeable to others, even hide his force signature. Is useless against machines.
  • Self Healing: He can use the force to alleviate pain and speed up recovery.
  • Force Sense
    • Life Detection:
  • Telekinesis: Basic telekinesis.
  • Mind Trick: Only works on the weak or rigid of mind.

Trivia Edit

  • He is based on Vrook Lamar, a Jedi from Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2, who was known for being a miserable old man of a Jedi.

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