A Kishin sent to assassinate Maxion

Appearance Edit

A biomechanical mechanoid, beneath his armor plating metal fiber muscles and a metallic skeleton can be spied. Vuke is a tall, but slender bot, with grey and blue armor. He has a V shaped purple visor, wings on his back with grey lines. His hands sport sharp talons and his feet each sport a blade that points upwards. On his back are rectangular thrusters.

His helmet sports a double crest and rectangular, slanted, ear pieces.

Personality Edit

Nervous, cautious, Vuke is easily excitable. He is deathly afraid of Primes and the stories around them. Beyond his fear, he has no real interest in fighting Maxion and would rather be left alone.

Weapons and Armaments Edit

  • Sonic Blaster: Emerging from his forearm, it fires what appears to be laser, but are actually sonic beams. They can cut through steel.
  • Plasma Ejectors: The thrusters on his back and which also emerge from his calves,
  • Double Arms: His arms can split at the elbow into two arms.
  • Shock Pike: A double headed pole arm which delivers a powerful electric shock. Summoned from subspace.

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