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The older brother of Head, Shot and Chrome. Was a renowned warrior who influenced his brothers.

Appearance Edit

A brawn type robot with blue outer plating and yellow minor plating. He had towers on his shoulders and a tall crest.

Personality Edit

Wall was brave and unyielding in the face of danger. He was full of moxy while seemingly a thug to those that did not know him, he was a kind soul.

History Edit

A renowned Maxigon warrior, Wall fought during the great war, seeing to victory in many battles, almost single handed.

He met his end defending his home and family from a Darkcon attack after the end of the war.

Weapons Abilities Edit

  • Plasma Caster Rifle: A heavy weapon
  • Missiles: Stored on his shoulders.
  • Strength: Wall, was one of the strongest warriors in the great war. He was also a skilled boxer.
  • Micro Thrusters: Used for evasive maneuvers

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