A warp drive is the technology used to achieve FTL (faster than light) for many races.

Nature Edit

A warp drive works but compressing space in front of a ship and expanding it behind the ship. The region of space within these two 'folds' and 'warps' of space time is called a gravity bubble or warp space. Basically the ship itself is not moving, space is pushing it along, circumventing the rule that nothing moves faster than light (which only applies inside a Space Time Zone).

Warp Drives also have an affect on nearby Subspace.

Appearance Edit

Like many examples of technology, the appearance is determined by the design and the level of technology used, but Warp Drives are usually cylinder in shape.

Examples Edit

  • In the Scorpio Galaxy (Maxion Series), the Warp Drive is the most common form of FTL, with other technologies being considered exotic.

See Also Edit

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