Transforms into a bio-mechanical crab. He is a sadistic creature

Appearance Edit

Water Surge is a purple and grey bot with a purple back . His shoulder guards are his crab legs and his chest is the crab's silver under body. His crab pincers now serve and shoulder blade guards. His head was form from its head, which gives him several curved horns.

Personality Edit

Water Surge is a brute and a bully. He dislikes Maximal's rules and desires to enforce his will on others. That said he is afraid of Stingerette because of her venom. He is also afraid of Maximal due to his strength. At the end of the day, he not too bright, nor able to engineer like the others.

Biology Edit

Water Surge is a bio-mechanical life form, underneath his armor one would find a collection of natural wires, pistons, circuitry in a bio-mechanical fashion. Inside are also other organs/parts, such as batteries, his Bio-Core, his Ethium Stores and Ethium Processing plant. He is a Promethium based life form.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

  • Multi Blasters: His legs also serve as type 2 blasters.
  • Rocket Launchers: His pincers can point forward and fire plasma warhead rockets.
  • Missile and Blaster Array: His chest armor can open to reveal a collection of missiles and blasters.

Transformation Edit

  • Crab to Robot: Surge's crab legs open as his bot arms come out of his side, his legs come out of the back part of his lower body, his pincer withdraw into his body and he stands up, revealing his bot face.

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