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Series: Wiki One Shots
Name: Why Super Robots
Owner: SolZen321
Previous Episode: N/A
Next Episode: N/A

Part 1 Edit

"So..." she said "Where am I..." He sat up on a that been drawn out of the walls, walls of white metal panels. The only thing of note was the window, which showed the stars flying by and the blue transparent ribbons of energy associated with Dark Matter Drives, the door, which had no feature worth mentioning, the small camera in the corner, the room was illuminated by the panels on the ceiling, and the chair where a man sitting, resting on the back of the chair.

The boy had short cream hair, green eyes, tan skin, and wore a dark grey body suit with pieces of white armor about and a black hooded cape. The man was middle aged, with a full beard, brown eyes, red hair, and wore a white jacket/short with red stripes and a brown pants that doubled as boots. Both pieces had several pockets and there was a pin on his chest, an emblem, for the Imperium. "Well that answer my question..."

"Quick on the uptake I see..." said the man "good, that should make things easier..."

"It really wouldn't. So, what do they want...?"

"...'They'...? You don't think I kidnapped you...?"

"You are Dr. Franklin Donner, foremost expert in Imperium when it comes to A.I. I hardly think you have the military power to order my capture."

"Yes, well you were one of my opponents..." he said with a humorous tone.

"Quite irrelevant." He replied coldly.

"Oh, why is that...?"

"As a scientist, one of your long career, you no doubt have numerous naysayers. If you suddenly started kidnapping them now...well one would wonder why you would bother. It is most likely that I was brought with you for a similar goal, or you're here to convince me to help with whatever project it is 'they' want done."

"I don't remember you being so cold..."

"When last we met, I was not tazzed shot, tranquilized, and held in a stasis field for several hours real time."


"I'm not human."

"...That makes sense...will you help us...?"

"You haven't even explained what you want..."

"Surely someone as clever as you can put two and two together...?"


"But you don't..."

"The only possibly reason you could've kidnapped me, based on my reputation, would be to construct robots, super robots or superweapons, things that for various reason I am opposed to creating for what? The Imperium's vanity project...?"

"It is more than that..."


"We want your help in creating a...fleet...a race of protectors...!"

"........................................................From what...?"

"From whatever the universe may throw at us...!"

"Vague, so very vague...and vague does not convince me..."

"Look, it's best if you don't resist..."

"Boy, I am centuries old, millennia old, I have literally been several different things, different species, I used to be a mechanoid, I suspect I used to be a woman, and through all of that I have survived wars, death traps, and explosions of ever increasing absurdity. By the time they break my, their grankids will be the ones with the torture set, so do not try to 'scare' me. You will give me a good reason...or I will leave..."

"How...could you leave...?" The man stared at him "Right... Look you must see what they are trying to do, they are trying to make guardians, they already have their heavy troopers...!"

"Their petty little tin can soldiers, are impressive, to the average citizen of the Imperial, but what you're asking me to create, or what I suspect you want me to create...they do not compare..."

"I doubt that..."

"Do you know what a 'Super Robot' is...?"

"An overused word..." he said with skepticism.

"Then you are like most of the galaxy, blissfully unaware..."

Part 2 Edit

"What do you mean by that...?" asked Donner

"If we are going to argue about the merits of me creating a race of Super Robots for your government to use as a slave army..."

"I think 'slave army' is a bit..."

"SLAVE ARMY...!" there was an awkward silence "...then we should at least be clear about what it is we are arguing about, no...?"


"I suppose..." he said with annoyed skepticism.

"Good...what is the worse tragedy you can think off...?"


"Were you not listening...?"

"I was but..."

"Then don't say 'what'. Of the top of your head, the moment of the single largest loss of sentient life, whether done by mortal hands, or an act of God. It could be a battle, a massacre, a genocide, a..."

"The Purge of the Tanis Sector..." he said with an unhappy tone.

"Ah...I remember that, some of my best work..."

"You were there...?"

"I told you, 'different things'. I used to be a Mechanoid..."

"Impossible, robots can't..."

"It's adorable that you have a definition of life, but the universe has its own. Besides I've seen planets of naturally occurring robotic life forms, no scientific intrusion, no work of a higher power, just natural, evolution. Whether you except it or not is irrelevant, it is there..."

"...I will take you word on it..." he said unconvinced


"But back to the topic, the Tanis Sector, the single biggest example of the need for this force. 'Your' mechanoids turned on the galaxy when they claimed they would defend us and then went back to fighting the enemy like it never happened...!"

"Your welcome..." he said coldly

"WHAT...?!" said Donner standing up

"SHUT IT..!" He responded silencing him "You, like most of the galaxy, knows nothing. Your leaders always loved to portray us as metal monsters, that they contributed to the war against the scourge."

"We had a few battles..."

"Your military fought damaged ships that made it past the wall, and sometimes we had to come and save their backsides from even that! But, I digress. The reason those worlds were burnt and all things in between them is because we discovered too late that a techno plague had spread to them."

"A what...?"

"Like a fungus, it traveled like spores, combining with circuits and technology, turning them into cybernetic monstrosities like the rest of the Scourge. We burned those worlds because we calculated that was the minimum to stop it."

"And you didn't think to tell our leaders this...?" he asked angrily.

"Who said we didn't? You forget, your kind has never liked us, the idea of free, sentient machines..."

"You are not a machine..."

"Not the point."

"What is the point...?"

"The point is you wish for me to create a force capable of such destructive power...and leave it in your hands?"

Part 3 Edit

"What is wrong with me hands...?"

"Not what I meant, but somehow I think you know that. You don't respect sentience...!"

"Nonsense, I am the foremost expert in A.I.s in the galaxy...!"

"Imperium..." he said correcting him "And that's the point, why are you creating... 'sentient' machines, yet you have no respect for them?"

"I fail to see how that is a problem...?"

"How many of your 'machines' malfunctioned...?"

"I fail to see..."

"How many have disobeyed you, begun acting strangely, been doing things they were not programmed for?" He paused. "A good deal I bet, and you do what? Turn them off? Destroy them? Retire them? You think they are malfunctioning but clearly you don't understand what you have done."

"And what is that...?"

You created a sentient robot, programmed a personality simulator to learn and take acknowledgement of itself, to operate on choices and not a program cycle. In essence, you made them think like yourself, or any other sentient creature."

"Okay...What is the problem...?"

"You made something that will think, and then you tell them not to think...and you don't see the problem with doing that to walk weapons of mass destruction...?"

"I think my programming skills..."

"Unless you wish to memory wipe the population of a sticks and stones planet, which I highly doubt since you are on board there is no future I can foresee that ends with; no, doesn't involve not one of them say 'why', because that's the start of it. You people think 'I'm' dangerous, but the destruction I let loose on the galaxy was for the most part calculated. You lot are going to do because you're proud gits who can't see how reckless you are..."

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