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Name: Why Super Robots
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Part 1 Edit

"This is terrible..." he said. The youth sported dark skin, black locks, and wore a white jacket over a light blue shirt and deep blue jeans. Around his wrist was a red cloth tied into a knot. His eyes, one was deep green, and the other was strangely gold.

He was at terminal, looking at the blueprints of a humanoid robot, the kind piloted and taken into war. Around him were several older men and women in white lab coats, clearly not happy with his opinion. "This thing is supposed to be terrestrial based, what is it going to do with such flimsy legs...?"

"But, that's going to strain on the legs...!" said a scientist.

"That's space you're thinking about. In gravity wells, the legs are going to have to do all the load bearing, instead of just being platforms for jet engines. Also, if you're thinking of 'taking of weight', the more optimal place for that would be the upper body, which...I'm fairly sure everyone can agree that's not a good idea."

"So what are you suggesting...?"

"Micro Servo Cluster Musculature for the legs..."

"But that's..."

"It's does not have to be entirely musculature, but they will add to the strength and load bearing power of the legs, without significantly increasing weight. This will leave opportunities for more weapons, parts, or whatever, you want to put on the upper body, the back pack, etc."


"It's a giant robot, walking on two legs, the only means of very fast travel, would be tracks on the bottom of the feet, a squat and the thrusters on its back."

"I...I can't argue with that..."

"I know. It's ironic these things work better in space than on planets..."

"Yes, well this is all well and good but...the budget...?" The youth gave him a cold, soul searing look.

"Then take of some of the missile launchers..."

"But, how then would it counter other heavily armed units...?"

"It has a shield, and now, greater mobility, it can follow the same rule of dealing with ordinance mankind has dealt with for ages...don't be in the way..." With that he got up and left.

"Pompous git, isn't he...?" said one of them.

"So why giant robots...?" asked the woman. She wore a formal black dress, and had blonde hair and brown eyes. She spoke to the young man, who was leaning on the railing looking down at the mechanics assembling the machine he had designed.

"That questions implies a tragic lack of understanding of humans..." he replied. He didn't look her way, but he was clearly aware of to whom he was speaking.

"Maybe, but it doesn't answer my question..." He gave her a glance and turned back to the hangar.

"Mobile Suit, a shortening of the term, 'Mobile Armor Suit', and most commonly referred to as a 'mecha', or 'mech'. The Armor in its name is the same umbrella term for tanks, fighters and even artillery depending on who you ask. 'Mobile', said piece of machinery can move on its own. 'Suit', this implies that it is worn around the user, akin to power armor. A mech can therefore be understood as a cross between a tank and a suit of power armor."

"You really do like avoiding my questions..." He had a look of annoyance on his face "do you even know..." He turned and looked at her, with 'you want to go there...fine' expression, before resuming his prior position.

"It's the presence..."

"Excuse me..."

"Anything done with a mech, you can do with tanks, and probably better. Power armor? Power armor does not have to be a giant tank, it's powered armor, its meant to protect and easy travel for the soldier inside. A mech may combine these two factors, but it does have its own benefits, but the main reason...we can build them, and seeing a giant of metal walking towards with a gun the length and size of a not comforting..."

"What other benefits do they have...?" she went to leaning next to him.

"Most mechs are blocks, solid masses of metal and protection, that can usually take more hits than a tank, and carrying shields helps. On land, their weapons outmatch that of tanks, and their general bulk does help in being bullet sponges. In space, their legs are basically glorified platforms for thrusters, combined with their backpacks they can be rather fast, controllable, debatable but they generally carry the same caliber of weapon as their land counterparts, and are generally more durable than fighters."

"They are also more expensive..."

"Get...let's say four to five thousand troopers, all decked out in their fancy armor, and sporting blasters. Get some walkers, let's say another thousand of so of those... Get to Mechs, full armored, sporting shields, and with pilots that could be considered...competent...and the mechs would most likely win." She smirked.

"Are you willing to bet that...?"

"Why...? Your father has already signed the contract, and it's not like you have a couple thousand lives ready and waiting to be thrown away..."

"Well, I never said anything like, starting a war, but I have something that will allow you to...put your money where your mouth is."


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