A rare species, perhaps the oldest, now regarded as legend, in the Scorpio Galaxy. They were also called star dragons, worms of the cosmos, the long gods, star demons and the scaled lords..

Appearance Edit

Serpentine with two pairs of arms, a pair of legs, two pairs of wings and two pairs of eyes, they had long head crests made of bone and covered in scales and spikes. They were massive to most creatures, even most mechanoids.

Culture Edit

Little is known of their culture, but what is known is that they were devoted to scientific inquiry, even past the point of morality, which is said to have been the cause of their down fall.

Much of their technology is organic in nature, resembling a black cross between metal and bone. Symbols connected to them seem to have the effect of driving people mad.

History Edit

Hailing from the now ruined world of Akhar, the Worms ruled an a world empire devoted to scientific discovery. This was not limited to just science, but also the mystical. However the worms were not held back by such things as morals when it came to quenching their curiosity and made many wonderful discoveries on the backs of shattered worlds, hearts, lives and homes.

It should be no surprise that it was they who brought about their own end as they looked into the 'Dark' and it gave them knowledge of a new power that drove them to ruin. It gave them knowledge of generating a green darkness from the light of the stars. This green undeath turned their civilization into an army, which turned its evil to the stars. In response an army of light, clothed metal, arose to smite them from the cosmos.

No one knows if any still exist, but they are considered extinct.

Abilities Edit

  • Long Life: It is said they could live for thousands of years
  • Mental Abilities: Legend holds they could influence others and the environments with their minds
  • Energy Manipulation: Stories about them involve things like throwing lightning spears, beams of light, orbs of plasma, energy shields and fire manipulation.

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