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The following page (Xeno Weaponry) contains material that some viewers may find offensive and/or inappropriate. It is strongly advised that viewer discretion be used before proceeding. Note that the contents of this page does not reflect the view of the Super Robot Fanon Wiki Community as a whole, and we apologize to any troubled by such content.
Xeno Weaponry is a form of weapon using Xeno as a guidance method. Use to counter ECM, due to the moral and ethical questionable nature of human-guide weapon. Xeno is the prime target to use such weapon. Because if there one thing ZST isn't. That thing is evil, Xeno are acceptable target after all.

Xenon Torpedo Edit

Xenon Torpedo is just a Torpedo, but using a living Xeno as a pilot to delivered it to the Enemy. It completely immune to ECM.

Xenokaze Torpedo Edit

This weapon is a new invention, made after a brainstorming meeting between genius and benevolent think tank of the Zen Seibertron Teikoku such as L, Shining, Quintus Prime a.k.a Wheeljack, Black Convoy.

It essential a Kamikaze fighter, made with focus on speed and light armor. But compose of two section, a top Section that contain mostly high explosive warhead. The back section contain various pod contain warhead, a Xeno and Thruster.

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