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Xenokaze Torpedo is a plane / torpedo invent by God Emperor L in the middle of the Funatari Bot War a.k.a The Civil War. It an important weapon because it is totally immune to all type of E.C.M.

Appearances Edit

Xenokaze Torpedo is an airplane that carries twenty subplane arround it frame. Each contain within iself a warhead that could sink an Cybertronian Grade warship if explode at the right part. This plane have no weapon, as it main focus is to ram and kill the enemy along with itself. So the least dumbest solution is to retrofit it with a Convoy load of thruster, propulsion and warhead.

The plane are propelled by a Xeno pilot inside. As Xeno are known throughout the reality to be a miracle worker of sort. That is as long as they have a motive. Their power and abilities will some how increase to finish that task. Zen Seibertron Teikoku use that to turn them into living torpedo.

[Note: The Cybertronian culture hate the word Logic to the core, because that word is often say by Xeno. They instead use "The least dumbest" to describe choice that are logical]

[Note: A Convoy load mean a truck load, because Convoy often turn into truck]

The least dumbest strategy. Edit

The main strategy they use with this plane is to ram it straight into the large ship. All the smaller plane will detach in mid flight and ram into the smaller ship around it. Trivia

Trivia Edit

This strategy is the less morally ambigous version of the Kamikaze tactic. Because they use the Xeno as a pilot instead of their own troop.

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