Created in the ancient days, it was built/created by Maxion to monitor Subspace and other tasks. It real name is hard to pronounce in English and Yggdrassil was chosen as a codenamed by humans and called Ygg for short. It's real name is

Appearance Edit

Yggdrasil dwells in an all black room, seemingly in outer space, with planets and stars flowing by. The computer itself appears as discs of blue energy with ribbons of energy between them while 'stars' flow up and down. Around the central spire are more discs each holding lines and rings of circles. Underneath the central column in a Rays Particle Generator, comprise of two light rings spinning around a light. There are rings of light hovering to the side of the computer which serve as sensors.

Nature Edit

Yggdrassil resides in a pocket dimension. The computer itself is composed of Ray Particle Technology, making it highly powerful. While it's main purpose is to monitor Subspace, its other possible functions make it highly dangerous and powerful.

Its user interface is a chair composed of Ray Rings floating in the air.

Functions Edit

  • Subspace Monitoring: Ygg can monitor many frequencies of Subspace at once, looking for subspace incursions or activity that affects Subspace such as FTL travel.
  • Remote Viewing: Ygg can shot its user images from across the Universe and Subspace.
  • Timeline Monitoring: Ygg can look at alternate timelines.
  • Computation: Ygg is a supercomputer and a highly advance one at that.
  • Ray Particle Manipulation: Due to its method of construction, Ygg can manipulate Ray Particles, converting mass into energy and the reverse.
    • Teleportation: In a Star Trek fashion or via Warp Gates.
    • Quantum Storage: Ygg can transform objects and people into quantum signatures and store them in digital form.
    • Machine Materialization: Ygg can create machines and install sophisticated A.I. systems in them.
    • Pocket Dimension Manipulation: Ygg can control its sub dimension, it can also generate and delete pocket Dimensions at will.
    • Barrier: Ygg has a powerful barrier ring and can set up more

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