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Even if Zen Seibertron Teikoku doesn't have an army. It still have a chain of command and branch division.

Division and Chain Edit

The Sumpreme Boss: Astal Family Light Side Chief Shining Convoy

Boss: Astal Family Dark Side Chief L

Yuusha Family Chief: Split on two side, Dark and Light. The quota is base on power. So there is some younger Yuusha that get their position base sorely on their power. Dag Base are not sentient, he is just a place holder due to his power.

Kaiser Family Light Side Chief Exkaiser

Kaiser Family Dark Side Chief Dino Geist

Sol Family Light Side Chief Fighbird

Sol Family Dark Side Chief Draias

Gaia Family Light Side Chief Da-Garn

Gaia Family Dark Side Chief Red Geist

Senpuji Family Light Side Chief Might Gaine (With Senpuji Maito)

Senpuji Family Dark Side Chief Black Might Gaine

Bumblebee Family Light Side Chief Fire J-Decker (With Bumblebee)

Bumblebee Family Dark Side Chief Hyper Chieftain

Legendra Family Light Side Chief Goldran

Legendra Family Dark Side Chief Captain Shark

Dagwon Familly Light Side Chief Fire Dagwon

Dagwon Family Dark Side Chief Dag Base [Because they need something for a Dark Side Chief]

Gaogaigar Family Both Light Side and Dark Side Chief Gaogaigar, [Because he don't have any brother]

Non Chief Yuusha

Division Boss: Same Position at the Lesser Yuusha

Viron Division Boss Star Saber

Primax Division Boss Battle Convoy

Aurex Division Boss Armada Convoy.

Mahou Shoujo Division Boss Mega Convoy

Non Division Boss Convoy

Elite Force

Normal Mook

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