Xeno: The most vile word that can be use. It can only be use to describe what it is intended to be use for

Baybot / Primebot: The racial slur use to describe the Bayformers, who being treat like second-class citizen in Zen Seibertron Teikoku society.

Xenobot: A more serious term use to destribe the second class citizen. Use by the more mean-sprited member of ZST society. This term is come from the historical fact that Bayformers and Primeformers are formerly Xeno.

Neon: This term is banned because too many guy insulting each other with it. Originally it was intent to be use as an insult for bot who have a paintjob that are too colorful. And since the fabulous color scheme of the Brave are considered Neon. It was immediately being ban. Since then, nobody has ever use this term.

Playskool: Term use to describe bot that appear childish and too overly cute. Mostly come from jealous bot who can't attract girl with their "powerful" and "manly" looking.

Toy Scalper: A crime of buying too many toy of one character and re-selling it on Ebay with inflated price. Offender will be castrated under The Constitution.

Generic: Techincally, most of the member in Zen Seibertron Teikoku aside from the elite are Generic. This is the term use by by the higher up in order to refer to the troop. [This term only exist in the English Version]

Partformer: This term is only use by the higher up to describe bot that Transform by re-arrange part. It is not a degratory term at all, since all the Convoy and Brave are partformer to some degree.

Shellformer: Term use to describe bot that Transform by peeling of the shell and reveal the bot inside. Mostly found on Beastformer.

Stickshift: A term use to describe "that" part. Because only the Convoy and Brave are allow to use the dee word.

Flipchangers: Use to describe guy who too lazy to design an eleborate transformation scheme. Flipchanger are usually frown upon because by doing that they display an "Inferior and filthy" trait of Xenos. Namely "Function over Aesthetic", "Practicality over Awesomeness".

Autoformer: Transformer who have a quick Transformation, but it still involve moving part around. This class of Transformers doesn't get the "strange" look, because they are not Flipchanger.

Pokeformers: Use to descibe the kind of A-hole who line up on the Micron spawning pool and pickup the Micron before other can. That guy usually have more firepower because he have many Micron to combine with.

Shelfwarmer: Guy who hasn't get laid despite living for billion of year. This term formerly being use at an insult. But it has been banned after ten year of using, because most of the higher up, a.k.a Convoys and Brave are still single. So they are all Shelfwarmer by definition.

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