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Due to the Zen Seibertron Teikoku being an army of Super Robot. They disliked formality and uniformed army structured because that would make them look like a bunch of Real Robot. However, they do have a set of standard armament.

Old Firearms. Edit

Laser Pistol: The most common weapon use in ZST arsenal. A pistol with it own reactor,, it fired an energy beam at the oppoment, at light speed. The power rating of the pistol are 1.222222222E60 MW/Second

Laser Rifle: A variation of laser pistol. Have better range and accuracy, higher rate of fired at well. The power rating are the same

Plasma Cannon: Rather than shoot a beam of laser, this cannon shoot out a packet of super-heated, explosive plasma. The power rating is the same at laser pistol. Handheld version called Plasma Pistol and Plasma Rifle.

New Firearms. Edit

As the techonology from Zen Seibertron Teikoku become more advanced, they now invented a new form of weapon. The x in 1 type who have more than one type of configuration.

Railsword: A sword double as a rail gun.

Rail-Missile Laucher: A missile laucher use rail gun mechanism to make the missile be able to pierce through the enemy.

Drill Machine Gun: Machine Gun double as a drill. Use by the heavy attack troop.

Cluster Beam Missile: The new type of missile that will shoot out beam when exploded.

Launcher Machine Gun: A machine gun equiped with missile laucher.

Blaster Sword: Handheld blaster that can transform into a sword.

Healing Grenade: A grenade that heal people wound when exploded.

And many more that haven't tested yet

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