Zenzium is a strange substance that first appeared after the Tremor. It spreads quickly and by 2030, almost half of Earth's surface is covered by Zenzium. 


Zenzium first appeared shortly after the Tremor, emerging from the veins and continuously spreads afterwards. Many nations attempted to destroy Zenzium using various weapons including bullets, lasers, and even nuclear weapons. These weapons proved innefective in destroying or even stopping Zenzium thus cities quickly fall under the cover of Zenzium. The Initiative is the first organization to mine Zenzium for their own purposes and soon enough, small towns started to mine Zenzium as well for a living. 


Zenzium is incredibly sturdy as it is able to survive nuclear weapons. However, Zenzium can be mined for various benefits. One such benefits includes the construction of buildings, vehicles, and weapons. Powered Teridax's armor is completely made out of Zenzium as it can absorb many damage and is easy to repair. Zenzium can also be used as currency for those with no money, as a gem of Zenzium can be traded for 10 pounds of bread. 


Zenzium is known to be slightly radioactive and those who mines Zenzium for a living usually wears a chemical suit to protect themselves from the radiation. Exposure to Zenzium won't result in instant death but those exposed with Zenzium for a few weeks will feel weak and small shards of Zenzium begins to grow inside their body. Once fully irradiated, those exposed will die from radiation poisoning and the Zenzium will eventually mummify their body. Some plants and animals as well as strange creatures and monsters are either mutated or completely made out of Zenzium. They are known as the lifeforms of the Tremor and some are threats against humans. 

Mining SourcesEdit

Zenzium can be mined from various places including:

  • Zenzium Field: Zenzium Fields are large amount of Zenziums concentrated on a flat surface. Zenzium Fields are common and best of all, it grows back every 5 days if the Zenzium on the Zenzium Fields are completely gone. 
  • Zenzium Quarry: Zenzium Quarries are mining quarries filled with Zenzium. Unlike Zenzium Fields, the Zenzium cannot grow but are available in larger numbers. The Initiative have one Zenzium Quarry in Utah. 
  • Zenzium Silo: Zenzium Silos are silos that continuously mines for Zenzium. It is mostly built directly above a Zenzium vein or large Zenzium Fields. Only the Initiative has access to these advanced structures. 
  • Zen Tree: Zenzium Trees are trees that naturally produces Zenzium and it's common to see small towns with a Zen Tree Garden. Mining them is similar to the way humans extract natural rubber from rubber trees. 


  • They are similar to Tiberium from the Command and Conquer Tiberium series. 

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