The linguistic master of the Atlanta. He is mainly called Zhu

Appearance Edit

A blue and purple robot, with a purple helmet. His body resembles G1 Prowl, with a car hood for a chest, the back of the car for his lower legs, wheels on his shoulders and car doors on his back.

Personality Edit

Zhu generally speaks Cyberbot/Galactic Basic (English or whatever language your browser translates this into) but when flustered he speaks his native language. Since learning to communicate with the Atlanta crew, he has become a master of linguistic translation, thanks to the Translation Algorithms SolZen wrote and had Hoshino install. He looks up to the older members of the crew, especially the captain due to his past.

While he may at times speak in broken sentences, it is only ruse he puts on to fool those unfamiliar with him.

He greatly dislikes the Destroids and Lord Ba Dao, as they came from the same region which was the first destroyed by them.

History Edit

Once a youth looking for purpose, Zhu joined several mercenary groups before being captured by the Atlanta. It was there that SolZen, seeing potential in him, took the time to learn his language and realized his past. Zhu had been abandoned due to an error in his voicebox, one that required series surgery or a new translation algorithm.

Grateful, Zhu joined the crew as the linguistic officer, earning him a place in the higher echelons of the ship.

He work helped the Atlanta Crew stop the rise of Typhoon.

Weapons and Armaments Edit

  • Plasma Caster: A two handed blaster that fires plasma bombs.

Trivia Edit

  • His position is because the real Zhu, often translated information from Japanese sites, for the Ultraman Wiki, where Zhu and SolZen321 first encountered each other.
  • His difficulty with language and such is based on the disagreements Zhu and SolZen originally had.

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