Zombiejiger is the Chief Engineer of the Atlanta, a robot that can transform into a tiger. His main weapon is an adamantine needle railgun, which he built himself. Most refer to him simply as Zombie or Jiger


ZJ is a tall, thin robot with an orange and sand green paintjob. Various hieroglyphics are painted on his armor in gold, spelling out his name and initials. His tiger form's face is built into his chest, and his legs are reverse jointed due to his transformation.


Robot Tobias Sammet.

Has a love for power metal, especially DragonForce, Jorn, Theocracy, and Avantasia. Zombie also has a love of tinkering with machines and weapons, designing several of the crew's weapons and disassembling a Drakon weapon arm. Some of the other members of the crew find him a little eccentric.

History Edit

One of the longest serving members of the crew, he has known the captain since the ship's earliest adventures. In fact, it was Jiger who forged SolZen's Incendiary blade from the Core the Mecha Dragon Armageddon Gospel and is responsible for making many of the weapons the other crew members use.

During the Atlanta's final mission, Zombie was one of the survivors of a Gormin ambush, during which he was infected. This led him to remove his own arm in order to be save himself from the infection.

Weapons and Armaments Edit

  • Admantine Needle Railgun: Can pierce even Duranium. Created it himself. Has a tendency to simply beat enemies over the head with it.
  • Multi Purpose Wrench: A device he modified. Besides numerous uses, it can transform into an EM Warhammer.

Trivia Edit

  • Zombiejiger's weapon, the warhammer, was chosen by SolZen in reference to his other character FuryGone.

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