Zombiejiger is an Ultra Editor Admin. He is said to devour the souls of those he kills in combat, and this is why he uses Ammit as his sigil.




Zombiejiger's armor is sand green and copper, with metallic slate blue accents. On each shoulder there are large shields with spikes, over which his Plasma Mortars are mounted. Each forearm has a pair of curved blades with ridges (think the Mephisto Claw). He has the Egyptian hieroglyphics for "Ammit" on his chest, along with a stylized image of the devourer of souls herself.

Editor ChapterEdit

Zombiejiger's followers, the "Vanguards of Ammit" have armor in similar colors to their Admin, and each bears the hieroglyphics. They wield heavy assault weapons, such as Plasma Casters, grenade launchers, and heavy repeaters. The Vanguards are known to their opponents as the "Devourers of Souls," a reference to their "mascot," Ammit.

History Edit


Web Powers and ArmamentsEdit

  • Lightning Bolts: Zombie's main web power, spamming arc lightning from his gauntlets.
  • Plasma Mortars: Basically a pair of smaller Plasma Casters, mounted to a backpack and extending over Zombiejiger's shoulders (think Kiryu's battle pack).
  • Grenade Launcher: A large, semi-automatic grenade launcher that fires a form of HEAT shells, which can both pierce thick armor and devastate infantry.
  • Mace: A powerful double-ended mace/hammer which he can spin to deadly effect.

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