Zumwalt is a bounty hunter tasked with taking out the inter-world task force, the Special Task Force Unit (STFU).

Alternate Form(s): Zumwalt-class (Space) Destroyer
Age: 300+
Height: 50 meters
Weight: 300,000 tons
Home world: Unknown
Series: STFU
Type: Super Robot
Family None
Affiliation Unknown
Created by Sentinel 72

Appearance Edit

Zumwalt is a Cybertronian with silver and red colouring. His shoulder pads are blocky in design and his legs aren't too different either. His head is square and he usually wears a hat to cover up the simplicity. His back is streamlined and flat, with no bumps or dents whatsoever. Overall, his super robot form resembles an outdated Transformers model.

His space ship form takes heavy resemblence to the real world Zumwalt-class destroyers. The only difference is the quad quantum space drive engine located on the back and is smaller.

History Edit

Around some time after the incident where the STFU hijacked a plane and left the passengers to freeze on the Himalayas, distressed worlds calls for Zumwalt's help to stop the STFU from causing even more trouble. He is then equipped with a World-Jumping Engine Driver to help him hunt down the STFU. Unfortunately, his plans are continuously foiled by either the STFU or his desire to protect the innocent.

Personality Edit

Zumwalt takes orders seriously and will do anything to hunt down his target. While superior to the STFU in terms of total weight and ship armament, his lack of flexibility and constant hesitation is constantly exploited by the STFU. He has a desire to protect the innocent, especially humans, from many threats including the STFU.

Armament Edit

Super Robot Form Edit

  • 1 x Sabantronium Long Sword
  • 2 x 300 mm photonic gattling guns
  • 4 x rocket pods with variable ammunition
  • 16 x 1.21 GW Tesla Dischargers

Space Ship Form Edit

  • 1 x De-Atomizer Super Cannon
  • 2 x 155 mm guns firing guided rocket-propelled shells
  • 15 x heavy anti-air lasers
  • 25 x anti-air lasers
  • 25x ship-to-anything missile launchers

Trivia Edit

  • Despite the bad things written in this page about STFU, Zumwalt is an antagonist of the series.

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